Vinyl Siding

Just like your roof, siding plays an important role in the protection and design aspects of your home. Due to its incredible durability, low cost, and variety of colors and styles, vinyl siding has become the most popular siding choice for many modern homes. Our experts are not only certified in installing and repairing roofs, they also possess the knowledge and skills it takes to deliver professional vinyl siding installation that will last for years.


Rain, snow, hail, and wind can all damage your residential or commercial property if not properly protected. Roofs protect the top of your home or business from these outside elements, but siding is the main barrier to the rest of the exterior. If not protected, your home is vulnerable to leaks, mold, foundation damage, and more. These are unsafe and harmful to you and your family's health, which is why it's essential to have high quality and protective siding on your home.

Since it’s made from mainly PVC, Roofing PD’s vinyl siding installation is a cost-effective, low-maintenance way to get the protection you need for your home. Vinyl siding can be easily cleaned with a power washer or similar tool to remove any dirt, mold, or moss build up, which makes it a popular siding choice for many homeowners.


Many people enjoy vinyl siding because of its versatile appearance, allowing for endless design opportunities. Whether you’re looking for curb appeal or a design that matches your own unique taste, Roofing PD professionally installs a variety of styles and colors from brands such as James Hardie, CertainTeed, Napco, and more! Horizontal or vertical panels make for a more traditional appearance, but we also offer vinyl siding installation of many different styles including:

  • Traditional lap
  • Dutch lap
  • Beaded
  • Shakes
  • Scallops
  • And more

Get the best protection and design from your trusted experts at Roofing PD. Call or contact us today to schedule your vinyl siding installation appointment.

“Patrick and his team took care of my house super fast. We had a tree fall on the roof and they came out within a few hours to tarp it. One week later they came in and replaced six of the trusses and replaced the entire roof. Finished it in 10 hours. Looks perfect. Stand up company that you can trust.”

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